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6th at Morocco Bound,  London Bridge w Tommy Remon

19th at singing at Toulouse Lautrec

26th at CLF Arts Lounge, Peckham w T Remon Q


5th at POSK in Hammersmith  w Benet Mclean Q

12th singing solo at The Plaquemine Lock, Islington

19th CLF Arts Lounge w T Remon Q

23rd  CLF Arts Lounge w T Remon Q

24th The Spin Jazz Club at The Oxford Artisan Distillery with Pete Oxley


2nd singing at Toulouse Lautrec

7th at Bread Roses, Plymouth JG3

8th at Paignton  Fougou Arts JG3

11th at Toulouse Lautrec with Benet Mclean Q

23rd w Benet Mclean Q at St Mary's Perivale 3pm


6th Jazz 825 with Torus at The Royal Hotel, Southend

9th Jazz 825 with Torus at The Jazz Centre

10th  @ Bristol   Beacon,   Monk Liberation Front feat Tony Kofi

21st   Cassano   w Gaetano Partipilo and Ohisashiburi

22nd    Manfredonia   Gaetano P etc

23rd    Bari                     Gaetano P etc

24th     Mola                   Gaetano P etc

27th    CLF Arts Lounge, Peckham, Tom Remon Q


3rd Toulouse Lautrec  solo singing

8th Archduke   2pm singing

13th Wakefield Jazz JGQ

15th The Royal Academy   Brain Circle Gala

20th POSK solo Monk

27th POSK solo Ellington


3rd  B Mclean Q at Poole Arts Centre

10th Tony Kofi Q   The Verdict, Brighton

17th POSK solo Jarrett with guest Adam Wendt

19th Archduke JG2

21st   Toulouse Lautrec solo singing


9th at Lichfield Festival JGQ plays the music of the 80's

12th Toulouse Lautrec solo singing

15th POSK solo Wayne Shorter

31st Archduke singing


6th Plaquemine Lock, Islington JG sings

7th  Archduke JG2

13th Plaquemine Lock JG sings

16th Toulouse solo singing

9th Eastside Jazz, Leytonstone Monk Liberation Front


4th JG4 feat Ed Jones playing the 80's show, The Olde Cherry Tree, Southgate 6.30pm

7th Southend w Torus venue tbc

10th Palquemine Lock solo 12.30 lunchtime

Ohisashiburi tour...

18th Hargreave Village Festival

20th Eastside Jazz, Leytonstone

28th CLF Arts Lounge with Tommy Remon Q

30th  Singing at POSK  songs from THE NEW ALBUM plus from 1971

30th The Late Show at Ronnie Scotts with Cleveland Watkiss Q


5th York Jean Toussaint Q

6th Leeds JTQ

7th Sheffield JTQ

14th Poole JTQ

20th Nottingham JTQ

28th Leicester  JG4 feat Denys Baptiste


3rd JTQ  Swansea

4th JTQ   Cardiff

5th  JTQ  Bristol

6th  JTQ  Calstock

10th Liverpool Fredricks..  JG3

11th JTQ  Lincoln

12th  JTQ Hull

16th  w Paul Jayasinha and Trevor Taylor at Royal Hotel, Southend

17th  JTQ  Birmingham

26th  JTQ  Gateshead


3rd  Plymouth, Bread and Roses JG3

4th   Chagford, Devon  JG3

6th   St Ive's,  Devon JG3

10th Plaquemine Lock solo singing

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