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Tour w Italian altoist Gaetano Partipilo

13th Archduke 10pm 14th Archduke 2pm

15th Late Ronnies 11pm 16th Eastside Jazz Club, Leytonstone

18th Perbacco Jazz Club, Taranto

19th Palace Cafe, Bari

20th Andria in Jazz, Andria ( Puglia )

21st Cassano Murge, 6pm

21st Cerignola 10pm

22nd Masterclass in Messina at Piccolo Conservatory

22nd Reggio Callabria


26th Verdict, Brighton w Tony Kofi Q plays Monk

31st Pizza Express new Holborn Club w Randolph Matthews Band



16th @ The Crypt, Camberwell w Ray Layzelles Q



2nd Posk Jazz, Hammersmith w Tim Whitehead Q

5th Ronnie Scott's early set w Tim Whitehead Q

6th Ronnie Scott's early set w Tim Whitehead Q

27th Pizza Express Dean St w Julian Fenton Q



1st Farr's Bar, Dalston  trio w Larry Bartley and Winston Clifford

21st Archduke w Ray Layzelles



18th Ronnie Scott's early set w Ed Jones Q

29th The Greystoke, Ealing w Torus feat Mornington Lockett



3rd  Chandos Arms, Colindale.   Toots Project ( the music of Toots Thielmanns )  w Jeremy Shoham, Phil Hopkins, Yaron Stavi and Rick Finlay  

4th  Bexley Jazz Club .. The Toots Project

8th  The Bear, Luton  The Toots Project

16th   Swakeleys House nr Ikenham, Uxbridge  solo piano 2pm

17th Swansea Jazz Fest... The Toots Project   lunchtime

17th Chandos Arms w Alex Garnett  7.30pm

23rd  Cross Lanes Project, Kendal, Lake District JG3 w Marcus Vergette and Andy Trim  launch of major new Art Gallery




3rd Eastside Jazz, Leytonstone Ed Jones Q

12th The Spin, Oxford w The Toots Project Devon/Cornwall Trio tour w Marcus V and Andy T

15th West Devon Village Vanguard, Globe Inn, Chagford, Devon. for tickets  contact Marcus  

16th  Appledore The Beaver

17th   St Ives Jazz, Great Western Hotel 18th Plymouth, Bread and Roses

18th Plymouth, Bread and Roses

29th The Verdict, Brighton w The Howard Britz Tri



13th Ronnie Scott's Late Show w Joseph Lepore Q feat Rachel Cohen

17th Brighton, Verdict w Tim Whitehead Q

18th  Bull's Head w Julian Fenton Q

21st   Annie's Club, Southend w Toots Project



6th Pizza Express, Dean St w John Nugent Q

14th The Verdict, Brighton playing for Peter Ind 90th birthday party

18th 606 Club, w RMG Collective feat Geoff Mason and Steve  Rubie

28th Scarborough Jazz Fest w The Toots Project

29th Scarborough Jazz Fest  leading wshop w Scarborough Youth Big Band



10th The Railway Tavern, Southend.. JG3 w Nick Pini and Trevor Taylor

12th The Verdict, Brighton w Gaetano Partipilo, Guiseppe Bassi and Fabio Accardi

13th Bossanyi Studios, Eastcote w Gaetano Partipilo and ragazzi

14th  Archduke w Gaetano and ragazzi 15th Ronnie Scott's Late Show w Gaetano and ragazzi

18th Bari, w Parti, Bassi and Accardi

19th  Recording album in S Italy  

20th Andria with Parti, Bassi and Accardi  

21st Fragagnano w Parti, Bassi and Accardi



9th Archduke   JG3

15th Leeds w Jean Toussaint 5

16th Hull w Jean Toussaint 5

17th Lincoln w Jean Toussaint 5

18th York w jean Toussaint 5

22nd The Spin, Oxford w JG4

23rd Poole w Jean Toussaint 5


4th Eastside Jazz, Leytonstone w RMG Collective

14th Rome w Joseph  Lepore Trio 2019 

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