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1.   wishbone (Gee)

2.  i let a song go out of my heart 


3.  harryhausen* (Gee)

4.  come sunday (Ellington)

5.  love thoughts (Gee) 

6.  day dream (Ellington/Strayhorn/Latouche) 

7.  tortadilla** (Gee) 

8.  i'm just a lucky so and so (Ellington/David) 

9.  extremely serious Red (Gee) 

10. perdido (Tizol/Draka/Lenk) 

11.  love you madly (Ellington) 

12.  very extremely serious red (Gee)

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Jonathan Gee (piano/vocals); Steve Rose (bass); Winston Clifford (drums).

Recorded at Brunswick Road Studios 8 & 31/7/2003 except track 5 recorded live in Baku, Azerbaijan, 14/10/99 by Paul Sparrow.

Produced by Jonathan Gee.

* Harryhausen was written for Ray Harryhausen, the genius movie monster maker, and was written as a drinking song for the fighting skeletons, the children of the hydra's teeth, from Jason and the Argonauts.

** A tortadilla is a half tortoise/half armadillo originating in Phoenicia. The Phoenicians took them to Spain when they founded Cadiz, and then they arrived in England with the Spanish Armada (Drake didn't notice them land). They reside in East London.

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