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1.   147 

2.   yellow ball

3.   green 

4.   break 

5.   pink 

6.   black ball

7.   brown ball

8.   northern star people 

9.   blue

10.  red ball

11.   interview with Northern Star People


producer/trumpeter Mika Myllari   

keyboardist Jonathan Gee   

with help from The Brest Litovsk Polish Hip Hop Men's Choir

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executive production The Northern Star People and Steve Plews of ASC Records

sleeve design Steve Plews  

"Myllari is a terrific trumpeter who responds to Gee's busy lines with equally virtuosic improvisations... The tunes make up a potted history of electro-jazz: the squidgy 1980s tones of Blue; the sneaky groove of Red Ball; 147's tunefully modified drum and bass. Nice." (John L. Walters, The Guardian)

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