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1.    blackbird 

2.   here there and everywhere 

3.   starfish 

4.   michelle 

5.   luminescenze

6.   and I love her

7.   silver

8.   come together

9.   across the universe

Jonathan Gee (piano), Gaetano Partipilo (alto), Guiseppe Bassi (bass), Fabio Accardi (drums)​​

℗© Sorriso Edizioni Musicali 2020 – Moto No Kai & Verte Records 

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The journey of Ohisashiburi began when esteemed NYC bassist Joseph Lepore brought together two of his favourite musicians – Bari alto saxophonist Gaetano Partipilo, and London pianist Jonathan Gee. Gaetano introduced his longtime musical colleagues, bassist Guiseppe Bassi and drummer Fabio Accardi, and a real band was born. 


After three UK tours, and three Italian, they went into the studio of piano technician maestro Nicola Farina, and documented the music they had been playing, songs of Jonathan and Gaetano and reimagined Beatles. Through Guiseppe’s work for the Italian/Japanese cultural society, Moto No Kai, a copy of the album reached the sound system of Carlo Lomaglio. Suddenly it was being played on loop, and after a visit to London to hear the band... the rest is history.


Cover photo by Yoshie Nishikawa

Mastering by Tommy Cavaliero and Verte Records

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