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1.    beyond 

2.   dragonfly

3.   black ball 

4.   tortadilla 

5.   cream of mandarins 

6.   yellow ball

7.   we see

8.   cicada

Jonathan Gee (piano), Joseph Lepore (double bass), Nasheet Waits (drums)

recorded in Brooklyn, NY, July 2007 and

October 2010

produced by Jonathan Gee and Steve Plews 


"This heady music clears the sinuses and opens up the lungs. If it weren't for the amazing communication between players, songs like "Black Ball" would seemed prejudiced and rocky. But, with Lepore's pulse, and he isn't in the business of keeping time, the maelstrom is contained and Gee's message is coherent. In fact, it swings very, very hard." 

Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

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