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1.    the flow (gallo) 

2.   cristiana (minetto)

3.   velvet cloud (gee) 

4.   wishbone (gee) 

5.   lullaby of birdland (shearing) 

6.   ali di farfalla, per maria (gallo)

7.   cream of mandarins (gee)

8.   tortadilla (gee) 

9.   diamond* (minetto)

10.  come by j.t. (gee)

11.   three views of rialto (gee, gallo, minetto) 

        part one - jonathan 

        part two - danilo 

        part three - alessandro 

        part four - together 

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* dedicated to rachel gould and riccardo ruggeri


GEE/GALLO/MINETTO: Jonathan Gee, piano; Danilo Gallo, bass; Alessandro Minetto, drums

"a remarkably assured trio album that lavishly rewards repeated listenings" (Chris Parker, Jazz Review

"the playing is exhileratingly fresh" (John Fordham, The Guardian)

"deft, thoughtful and imaginative playing" (Kenny Mathieson, Jazz Wise)

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