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1.    rathbone place (gee, clifford, rose)

2.   catwoman (gee)

3.   three wishes (gee)

4.   when I fall in love (selden)

5.   velvet cloud (gee)

6.   chez auguste saturday (gee, clifford, rose)

7.   the raiders of the lost legato (gee)

8.   because (gee)

9.   chez auguste wednesday (gee, clifford, rose)

piano: Jonathan Gee

bass: Steve Rose

drums: Winston Clifford

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Recorded live at Ronnie Scott's Club, London, 19, 20 and 22 April 2000.

Produced by Jonathan Gee & Miles Ashton.

Chez Auguste was the name of the restaurant on the site of Ronnie Scott's before Ronnie's took over the premises, and Jonathan's family all met up there in 1948 for a family wedding.

Rathbone Place, Soho, was where Jonathan's grandfather, Harold C. Gee, esteemed violinist, was born.

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